About Us

We love our Greyhounds and our cats!  Currently, we share our home with Polly, Lydia, Tess and Calvin, the Greyhounds, as well as Lily, Simon and Sam, the cats.  We've been fostering, volunteering with rescue groups, and adopting ex-racing Greyhounds for about 16 years.  Nancy works for an animal shelter, and created paw paintings for a fundraiser.  We thought it would be fun to do the same with our foster dogs (and foster failures!), and Catsburg And Houndtown was born.  Over the years, we've expanded to include jewelry for hounds and people, and whatever keeps us interested creatively. We've vended at Greyhounds Reach the Beach in Dewey Beach DE, Greyhounds In Gettysburg, Mountain Hounds, reunion picnics and bazaars.  Our goal is to create unique, well-crafted, very affordable items that people will enjoy for years.  

We love doing custom orders, and will work to create just what you would like.  Just let us know!

Doug and the dogs on Mt. Washington, overlooking Pittsburgh's beautiful skyline.


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